About Us
Who are Caribbean Unpackaged and what do they do?

We are an old-fashioned tour operator established in 1983, specialising in holiday accommodation in the Caribbean and Mexico. If you want to know the hotel with the best children's club in Barbados, or the most romantic all inclusive hotel in St. Lucia, it's best to speak to someone who has been to the Caribbean over 30 times, and stayed in, or at the very least, visited almost all of the hotels.

When you call we promise you won't hear any automated messages or talk to someone in a call centre who has never been to the Caribbean, instead you will be greeted by experienced, helpful and friendly staff. In fact, all our staff were in the Caribbean last year and will be out there again this year. Work demands it - you see!

Judith, the owner of Caribbean Unpackaged, started the company back in 1983 and such is her passion for the Caribbean she loves to give the clients the benefit of her knowledge every day. Caribbean Unpackaged is a small friendly family company which likes to emphasis the personal touch and great client service, which we believe our loyal clients will attest to. Although our prices are some of the lowest in the industry we are frequently told our manner is second to none. We currently feature Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, Tobago and Mexico, covering a large range of hotels, apartments and even villas.


Our website is constantly updated with latest offers and photos and links to videos of the hotels we feature, and where possible complete and current prices. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clientele for their many years of business.

Caribbean Unpackaged have also been providing specially discounted accommodation rates for airline staff, otherwise known as Interline rates, since 1983. We are one of a few interline providers based in the UK, and have probably been operating longer than all our competition.

Sometimes friends and family of airline employees might be eligible to use the rates to travel as are retired airline staff with proof of ID. Airline Identification will have to be provided upon check-in at your accommodation destination, where appropriate.

When travelling standby, standby travel protection (Offload Policy) is often available, depending on the hotel (for interline holidays only).

Flights are NOT included in our holidays.

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